Specialized Software

Our specialized yet simple to use software is designed for automatic quantitative mineralogical analysis of  bauxite and cement.



Bauxite Quantitative Mineralogical Analysis

BauxQ - modern and cost-effective software for automatic quantitative mineralogical analysis of bauxite.

BauxQ integrates a user-friendly interface with a complex mathematical modeling platform.

BauxQ uses the elemental composition (obtained by XRF or ICP) and loss of mass on ignition to accurately calculate concentration of bauxite major and minor mineralogical phases. 

BauxQ does not require laboratory calibration and is independent from WCh and XRD analyses.

Given the speed of its analysis, it is particularly useful for assessing the commercial potential of new deposits.

Given its accuracy, it greatly facilities mine exploration,  bauxite trade and Bayer plant operation.

Bauxq3_front_empty version.JPG


Clinker and Portland Cement Mineralogical Analysis

CemQuant -software that quantifies major and minor phases of clinker and Portland cement, including those associated with alkali elements, which are difficult to quantify with other methods.

CemQuant further pushes the envelope of innovation with its capacity to determine the concentrations of gypsum, bassanite and anhydrite.  

CemQuant deals efficiently with samples with amorphous content.