Analytical services and sales of specialized software:

  • characterization of materials for metallurgical process control (bauxite, alumina, red mud, coke, pitch, anodes, electrolytic bath, potlining, AlF3, fluorspar, cast iron, Al-alloys, intermetallics, SiC, dross, iron ore, sinter, metallurgical slag, dolomite, limestone, Fe-alloys, clinker, cement, etc,…)

  • analytical chemistry testing (XRF, XRD, TGA, NMR, DSC, AAS, WCh, OES…automatic sample preparation)

  • development and transfer of analytical technologies; evaluation and commissioning of spectroscopic instrumentation

  • mineralogical (Rietveld) and elemental analysis of materials, training of personnel, quality assurance

  • strategic analytical consulting

  • implementation of analytical technology at client's site.